Friday, November 4, 2016

On My Walk - Persimmons

The value of moving well and eating well is not limited to people who are struggling. The better I feel the more I can embrace my existing health, cultivate my energy and nourish myself properly, when I'm already feeling good!

One of my personal choices to eat as LOCAL and as SEASONAL as possible. There's a persimmon tree in my neighborhood that's on someone's property. (I wonder if it was there before or after the house was built?) The owners have a little basket they fill with the ripe fruit. One day a couple of years back, the gentleman who lives there invited me to help myself and told me, "that's why it's there!"

He also shared that there used to be a pair of clippers in the basket that were to be used to pick the fruit if the basket was empty. But then, someone stole them.

I like to think that A LOT of people walk by enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking views on the Riviera in Santa Barbara.

A FEW people enjoy the fruit.

But ONLY ONE person stole the clippers.

Salad made with Fuyu Persimmon
Nature tells me where to place the knife

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